Top Mulching Mistakes You Could Make And The Right Way To Avoid It

There would be nothing much better than the huge fresh mulch mounds as these mulch mounds can make everything better. But it is very important to check out the mounds. The thing you have to follow is that you shouldn’t spread it too thin or too thick. Is there more to mulch than you think off? Can be. So let’s have a look at few of the top mulching mistakes that have to be avoided.


Mistake 1:  Too Much Mulch Can Damage

If mulch is of great, then some people would think even more is better. However, that conclusion is totally wrong. Piling the mulch on too thick is one of the most done mulching mistakes by lot of people. Using more than a couple inches would make your soil to become more soggy, implementing plant diseases. So much of the mulch will suffocate your plants roots as just like human being, plant also want air to breathe. So it’s better to stick to a good even layer of one to two inches thick.

Mistake 2:  Be Aware Of Not Enough Mulch

If you don’t use required mulch, then it will not keep your weeds from pushing out their way. It will not make your soul good and most and will not conserve your water. Particularly, it will not be doing it’s job well. As mulch is an organic substance, as the time goes on, you would notice that it would look thin and settle which means it is breaking down, enhancing your soil and making it more fertile. It would be very hard to work, enhancing the landscape. However, while it is thin, it would not look great anymore. So it’s better not to try to stretch your hard-working mulch to one more season. Just plan at every spring to replace it. You could even add extra layer to it during fall season to ensure that fresh mulch look year round.

Mistake 3: Mulch Volcanoes

Though it would sound you little minor one, it is one of the biggest  mulching mistakes that everyone do. Most of the think if mulch is so great, then they really want to pile it on, mounding it right up against the tree. The tree base always needs to breathe. The tree roots require to access the oxygen. Stifle it with a huge mulch mound and it could get the root and mildew rot. It’s better to keep the mulch two or three inches away from the trunks of your trees to keep them healthy and happy.

Mistake 4: Not Using Mulch

If you wish to try to save a few bucks, it would be very tempting to skip it. Initially, a carpet of fresh rich brown mulch looks great, unifying your landscaping and giving the whole place a clean and fresh appearance. But it does wonders for the health of your plants as well as soil. A good mulch layer can help your soil to retain the moisture, so that no need to water more. So never ever try to avoid mulch in right quantity.