Best Techniques To Save Your Landscape In The Heat Of A Drought

Water is a very essential thing of the healthy lawn. But the shortage of water caused by the hot summer season droughts or water shortages could really keep a big toll gate on an healthy garden and lawn. By these conditions, you may wonder whether your favorite plants can survive through the summer season. Don’t get disappointed, having a healthy lawn even during the summer season doesn’t have to be very complicated task as people have been implementing few drought tolerant landscapes for decades. So there are plenty of solutions that you can apply to maintain a wonderful lawn even in water scarcity situations. In particular, maintaining a drought tolerant garden doesn’t have to be even expensive. Here are few tips for it.

Know about your climate well

One of the main things to consider while maintaining a healthy landscape is to clearly study about the climatic conditions of the place where you are growing your lawn. Know whether your lawn consists garden full sun or just a shade of the sun or part sun.

Also be aware of the questions like; “What are your soil conditions?”and “How much rain will your garden get?”

knowing about your place climatic conditions before you plant the new ones in your lawn can save your money as well as time and could get you results you are looking for.  By knowing it, you could pick out the climate appropriate plants.

Once you understand your place climatic conditions, then there are plenty of plants that you can pick and that can survive with consuming very little water.

For the garden, in summer season, you can pick drought-tolerant plants such as:

  • Succulents
  • Cactuses
  • Tall grasses
  • Butterfly bush
  • Square-bud primrose
  • Hummingbird bush
  • Roemer’s false indigo

Of course these, are just  few plants. Here are few more good drought-resistant plants that you can pick for your lawn.

For your lawn, you can select the drought-tolerant grass seeds such as:

  • Seashore paspalum
  • Rye Grass
  • St. Augustine’s Grass
  • Buffalo Grass and
  • Bermuda Grass

Get little help from your neighbors or friends!

The best way to  maintain a healthy ecosystem in your lawn is to mainly have plants that attract the pollinators. Planting these pollinator plants can invite the few hardest workers in the nature that could provide you the best helping hand in maintaining your landscape. Mainly as an added adventure, then will add some additional color, even while your plants do not. Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping has been offering tree service in Sunshine Coast, Caloundra, Buderim locals trust for tree care and maintenance advices that suits your yard on a drought season.

Water Wisely

Watering in a perfect way is the main part of healthy lawn maintaining and garden while water resources are strained. Applying few of the useful techniques to make the best of your water usage can really help you do a lot more, with your limited water resources.

However, while watering the plants, there are four major things to keep in mind:

1. Watch the weather- If it is going to rain, then it’s better to save the water and let the rain do the work instead of wasting your water.
2. Water mainly only when needed
3. Water deep – Water it very less often, but more deeply.
4. Water on time- Water on the regular schedule, and mainly give them water in the early morning, as it could prevents them from evaporation, by giving the water time to soak into the soil.