Indoor Gardening Houseplants

There are basically two categories of indoor gardening houseplants, foliage plants, and flowering plants. Foliage plants are mostly leafy, like the rubber plant, although some do produce flowers. Flowering plants are those that are prized for their blooms, like the African violet, but they can also have very attractive leaves.

Indoor gardeners who are just beginning often find foliage plants the better ones to start out with because they are generally easier to grow and do not require as much light. Some varieties, like the heartleaf philodendron, are excellent plants for hanging baskets.

Horticulturalists recommend several varieties of foliage plants as good indoor gardening houseplants for beginners, but these species are also popular with experienced indoor gardeners. These are hardy plants that look good in any home and can survive the occasional error of the novice gardener. The arrowhead plant has dark green, arrowhead-shaped leaves that sometimes have silver, cream or pink veins or shading. It can grow to lengths of eight inches to three feet. It grows best in good light but can get along well with medium light or even low light. You can grow it in a hanging basket, or in a pot on the floor or a table.

The beefsteak begonia has large heart-shaped leaves that are dark green on top and deep red underneath. It does produce small pink flowers but is valued mainly for its leaves. This plant does well in medium or bright light and is very robust.

The Chinese evergreen has dark green, leathery leaves with silver marbling. It sometimes produces pale green flowers and red berries. This easy-to-grow plant can reach three feet and is great for floor or table display.

Flowering plants require more care than foliage plants, but their blooms make the time and effort worthwhile. Some species are less demanding as indoor gardening plants than others. The angel wing begonia is one of the easiest of the flowering plants to grow. It produces clusters of deep-pink flowers and can grow up to six feet.

The Lady Jane anthurium is a hybrid that blooms continually all year. This plant is as easy to care for as a foliage plant. It produces a uniquely shaped pinkish flower. The peace lily is also one of the easiest indoor gardening houseplants to grow. It produces a white bloom that is very fragrant at night. This flowering plant comes in dozens of varieties that range in size from one foot to over four feet.

There are thousands of other indoor gardening houseplants for you to choose from, whether you’re a new gardener or an experienced one.